Our Locations

Wherever it is you're based in Australia, Family Court Support can help you.


Most of our services can be provided remotely (via skype, telephone and email) and we are available to travel to accompany you to court appearances and other important meetings.  


Our office is based in Sydney.

Our Services  


We can help you to:

  • Negotiate outcomes outside of court

  • Prepare to file court documents such as Affidavits and  supporting evidence

  • Access legal information

  • Access free and paid legal advice

  • Access mediation and family counselling services

  • Comply with court procedures and court orders

  • Represent yourself during court proceedings by providing administrative and moral support

  We cannot:

  • Give legal advice

  • Represent you in court proceedings

  • Cross-examine witnesses

  • Address the court directly without the court's permission

Why choose Family Court Support? 

We have personal experience of the Family Court process, so we understand what you're going through.  

We have excellent written communication skills to help you organise your thoughts and present your case more effectively


We're available in the evenings and on weekends, so you don't have to take time out from work or too much valuable time away from your kids.

Although we can support you to run your own legal matter, we cannot and do not provide legal advice.  


Kristen Westwood  |   ABN 21 575 429 050