Are you representing yourself in Family Court?

Representing yourself in Family Court and other legal matters can be a daunting and overwhelming experience.


The people behind Family Court Support are experienced professionals.  Our McKenzie Friend mentoring and supervision provides clarity and confidence to self represented litigants to run their own matters more effectively. 

At Family Court Support we are focused on the early resolution of legal matters where ever possible, in order to avoid the emotional and economic cost of court proceedings.  


We have helped many people in Australia and New Zealand to run their own family law matters, as well as commercial, employment and criminal law matters, from initial negotiations through to final hearing.   

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What is a McKenzie Friend?

Due to the cost of instructing a solicitor or barrister, many people now decide to represent themselves at courts and tribunals, and in other legal matters. While there are many perils and challenges in doing this well, New Zealand & Australian law allows the assistance of a support person - known as a McKenzie Friend - during these proceedings.

Where does the term "McKenzie Friend" come from?

The term 'McKenzie Friend' derives from McKenzie v McKenzie [1971] P 33, a family law case in the United Kingdom.  In that case, an Australian Barrister, Ian Hangar, who was not admitted to practice in the United Kingdom, was refused permission to sit beside and provide support to Mr McKenzie, an unrepresented litigant, during the court proceedings.  This decision was later overturned by the English Court of Appeal, which unanimously affirmed the principle that any person conducting proceedings in Court is entitled to quiet assistance from a person of their choice, citing Lord Tenterden CJ's judgement in Collier v Hicks [1831] 2 B & Ad 663 to support the presence of a friend in court: "Any person, whether he be a professional man or not, may attend as a friend of either party, may take notes, may quietly make suggestions, and give advice … ". 

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Although we can support you to run your own legal matter, we cannot and do not provide legal advice.  


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